Five Tips to protect from cold snow

This time winter it is very very cold in USA. As the snow is falling steadily there is obvious reasons to get some health problems due to snow, You need to take some precautionary safety before going out in the snow. Avoid yourself from chronic illness and protect yourself from snow. Some of the tips will help you protect from the cold. Safety tip #1 Dress properly no openings should be found cover your hands, legs with woolen cloth, make sure you buy a high value woolen cloth which never allows the chill inside the body. Importantly cover your lungs and heart well , the chill weather should not hit in that part of body. Safety tip #2 Do not go out in snow when you feel that you are not well, a running nose or some sort of cold can be increased two folds when you go out in the snow. Safety tip#3 When you take your car make sure the car tires are clean from snow, just make sure your car is in a perfect condition to drive in the snow. Safety tip #4 When you are at home

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always be near a fire, Hyperthermia a disease can hit you and it can lower the temperature of your body. Safety tip #5 Always eat food which are cooked now and hot, do not eat any frozen food that can cause you severe health problems. These are the five safety tips that helps you to protect from snow.

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