What is fibre optic cable and design of fibre optic cable

What is Fiber Optic Cable: The fiber optic cable or optical fiber is a cable that comprises if the fiber elements in single or in plenty. These fiber elements are embedded with a plastic layer and a protective membrane that provide them protection from the environment. These fiber optic cables work with the principle of the fiber optic rays. The fiber optic rays are a branch of science that deals with the behavior, properties and the interaction of the light with the medium that they use.

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Fiber Optic Cable design:

The Fiber Optic Cable has normally three layers that found one around the other. The first and the foremost layer is the core layer through which the light rays pass. The second layer is the cladding layer that gives protection to the core layer but this layer is in turn guarded by the jacket layer which is a plastic material which gives the whole Fiber Optic Cable protection from the environment. The Fiber Optic Cables once they receive the signals from the transmitters convert the analog or digital signals which are received into optic or light rays and then transfer these rays to great distances through the Fiber Optic Cable. The optical network mainly constitutes the two elements the optical receiver that converts the received analog or digital signals to optic or light rays and then the optical cable that transmits the optical rays. Once the converted optical rays enter the Fiber Optic Cable and they undergo the total internal reflection inside the cable at an angle of about 45 degrees.

The use of Fiber Optic Cable is best since it is free from risks like electric shocks since fiber is a poor conductor of electricity.

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