Sony KDL55EX500 BRAVIA LCD HDTV provides many fascinating features like True 1080p HD resolution, and BRAVIA Engine 2 digital video processor. It also boasts Ambient sensor, and Light sensor technology for providing bright and clear picture even in unfavorable light conditions. Other outstanding features are listed below:

Features of Sony KDL55EX500 BRAVIA LCD HDTV:

Sony KDL55EX500 sports a 55 inch LCD display with Aspect Ratio of 1000:1, Contrast Ratio of 16:9, Screen Resolution of 1920 x 1080, and Screen Refresh Rate of 120 Hz. It measures 31.4 inches of height, 32.9 inches of height with stand, 52.3 inches of width, and 4.1 inches of depth. This LCD HDTV weighs 67.7 lbs. The power consumed by the HDTV is 315 W.

Full High Definition Resolution (1080p): The user can experience full high definition picture quality, and can enjoy complete advantage of high definition sources such as Play Station 3, Blu-ray disc and more.

BRAVIA Engine 2: It offers brilliant, bright and sharp pictures. The BRAVIA Engine 2 Digital Processor decreases other unwanted noise.

BRAVIA Sync Capable 1: This feature helps to control other connected devices like Blue Ray disc players, Handy cam, Surround sound systems, Digicam and more with a single remote control.

Sensors: It is built up with two sensor namely ambient sensor and light sensor technology. The ambient sensor is used to offer true clarity of picture by adjusting the picture colors related to room light. The light sensor technology is used to reduce and increase the brightness level of TV automatically according to the room lighting.

Inputs: It offers USB connectivity for connecting digital camera, storage device, or MP3 player directly to the HDTV. It also offers 7 HD inputs – it includes 4 HDMI inputs for connecting Play Station 3, Blu-ray disc player or other HDMI devices. Another two HD inputs helps to add extra HD connectivity and a PC input for using HDTV as a system monitor.

The price of the Sony KDL55EX500 BRAVIA LCD HDTV is $1529.99 U.S. Dollars. Overall, this LCD HDTV improves the completely different and new viewing experience at home than other LCD HDTV.



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