What is database model,evolution of database modeling

What is a Database?

This basic question comes into mind what is database, generally speaking a database is like a water tank, where water is data and the tank that collects that water is called database. A database comprises of a set of files which come along with the installation, to be precise about the definition of database, it’s a structured object, a chunk of files which exists on a computer system. This structured object comprises of data it can be like a collection of cities, states, countries, names, address, phone numbers etc, and this each set of data is called as a Record . Database is the collection of data which is stored to retrieve and manipulate the data at any time. Let us see about what is database model. What is Database Model?

Database model can be explained as an ordered and organized way the information is been stored on a computer. This set of data will be structured using data modeling which helps in the process of retrieval of data and changes to that data more efficiently. Database Model varies according to the applications which use the database as back-end. Nowadays there are plenty of database models developed.

Evolution of Database Modeling?

At the beginning there are two types of database modeling which are popular namely the hierarchical and Network database model, after the innovation of relational model these have faded because these models doesn’t provide a complete end to end solutions. The relationship model is exceptional and currently the best model for retrieval and storage of data. What’s special in Relational Database Model? Relational database model was created by E.F. Codd. Relational Database Model shortly called RDBM increases the restriction of a hierarchical structure without stopping the hierarchical data . Another

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Benefit of RDBM is the advantage of Linking, any tables can be linked together with the use of identification, ID or by fields and it can be linked to any number of parent or child tables in a database. This article is for information purposes only.

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