CRM benefits and features

Definition of CRM

Customer Relationship Management is a strategy designed to help a business in sorting out all the data related to a certain user. It is premeditated to optimize productivity, income, and maintenance and consumer fulfillment.It moreover helps sales executives,

business management and consumers to directly access needed information. CRM mainly targets on relationships, rather than transaction. Crm helps to implement an enterprise marketing departments so that it can identify and aim on their finest customer. Collecting information from various people and Providing clear goals and objectives on managing marketing campaigns and also generating quality leads for a sales group advances their telesales, accounting records and sales management.CRM Features

1. CRM depends on clear strategies, smooth business procedures, and allows those technologies that let you increase your sales and build up an excellent relationship with your customer.

2. CRM business processes  require enterprise-wide collaboration across functions, departments, and channels for maximum efficiency and  effectiveness.

3. CRM targets on the long term services by lining up the efforts made on achieving
their business objectives, using tools and techniques that breeds major returns for the investments to be made in the near future.

Benefits of CRM


1. Target specific member segments for marketing

2. Strengthen customer relationships at every touch point.

3. Increase sales force effectiveness and productivity.

4. Anticipate customers’ needs based on past purchases and recent behavior.

5. Improve audit trails, reporting, and regulatory compliance.

6. Generate higher returns on existing investments in processes and technology.

7. Identifies key practices of companies experiencing CRM success.

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