What is Construction Management?

Construction Management is the complete planning, control and co – ordination of a project. The aim of Construction Management is to meet the requirements of a client such as to produce economically viable project that is the project should complete on time at the described cost as well as with good quality standards.

Categories of Construction Management:

The CMAA (Construction Management Association of America) says that a Construction Manager has 120 responsibilities and it can be described in seven categories:

Functions of Construction Management:

The functions of Construction Management are:

  • Planning and Specifying Project Objectives: It includes delineation of project, calculating time and cost, choosing participants, and setting requirements.
  • Increasing the efficiency of resource through labour procurement, equipments and materials.
  • Different operations can be implemented through proper control of estimation, plan, contract, design and construction.
  • Effective mechanisms are improved for solving conflict.

Specialized terms:

Engineer role in Construction Management:

Changing of orders, inspection in works, review payments, shop drawings, samples, materials, and 3d image are the important work done by an engineer in construction management. Reference: To know more details about Construction Management visit: http://www.acce-hq.org/PDF/form103.pdf