Interesting Comparison between Android Icecream Sandwich and iOS5

Interesting Comparison between Android Icecream Sandwich and  iOS5

The latest versions offered by both Google and Apple namely Android Ice Cream Sandwich (AICS) and iPhone OS 5 (iOS5) respectively, are a statement of technological enhancements emphasising on the principals by which these companies swear by. On one hand, AICS is a first synthesised version for tablets and smart phones.

UI and Widgets

AICS Like every Android version, AICS is flexible, compatible with other mobiles and tablets (though initially has been released on Samsung Galaxy Nexus) and additionally has widgets which can be resized.

iPhone 0S5

On the other hand, iOS5 maintains the traditionally closed dynamics of Apple and can be used only on iPhone 4. The UI can be customized according to the user’s whims and fancies. The notification centre shows all the notifications in one place.

Photo Features

Both the operating systems have improved their photo features. AICS has photo editing tools in its image galleries which help in straightening, reduction of red eye and also has Instagram filters like hipster. In iPhone 5, the quality of pictures has been improved and switching between the camera and camcorder modes is instantaneous.

App Market

Mobile apps for iPhone 5 are the largest in the world but many of them are expensive and sometimes redundant. AICS has the second largest apps, half of which are free and mostly useful. Security is a facet in which iPhone 5 scores over AICS. Android is susceptible to hacking whereas hacking an iPhone is nearly impossible. Voice Command Navigation AICS has added a voice command feature which enables voice based action. When compared to SIRI of iPhone, this AICS voice action may not be exciting because Siri is highly interactive, personal and comes up with whacky responses which make the experience a great one for the user. However AICS has turn by turn voice navigation for maps which is very cost effective. iPhone 5 has just integrated Google maps and doesn’t support voice for route navigation. Music Loading music from iPad is seamless whereas Google music is still patchy.

Other Cool Features

AICS has Near Field Communication (NFC) which facilitates the use of Google Wallet software to make purchases on the move. An exciting optional Facial Unlocking feature has been added in AICS in which a user can use the front facing camera of the phone for recognizing their face and opening the mobile. Additionally, AICS also has

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Android Beam which allows live content transfer between two mobiles using AICS. iPhone 5 scores in allowing automatic switching between IM and messaging if the other mobile is also an iPhone 5. The bottom line is both mobile Operating systems have cool features that can attract many mobile users around the world to buy phones powered by respective operating system. The future seems to be heading for a hybrid version which integrates the advantages of both.

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