Chase introduce Chase mobile via text

Chase one of the largest banks in USA, has introduced many new innovative ideas to increase the level of customer support, these ideas will definitely increase customer satisfaction.

One of the top ideas of recent times is the Quick Chase deposits,where you can deposit your checks from your office / home. This has gained popularity, Chase bank initially introduced through an unique scanner which will scan the checks, buy the scanner just insert the check and take back on the other side of the scanner, you are done with your check deposit. Now it has introduced Mobile apps for easy access to the system, now we are going to see about Chase Mobile via text.

What is Chase mobile via text  service and how it works?

This is another innovative idea introduced by Chase Bank, which will make the customer access the account easily through a Simple Text Message(SMS). This is absolutely a secured service, you can access the account through your smart phone or a normal mobile phone.

What are the Procedures  to Activate Chase Mobile via Text?

There is no specific fees collected for this service, although sending a SMS to the bank will cost you some pennies. As a chase bank account holder you need to first register your mobile number where you need to check your account. You can activate Chase Mobile Via text through  your business checking account or through your savings account.

You can get any  details about your account by sending a Text message to Chase bank.

Type “Chase” and send SMS to 24273(subjected to change anytime) and include the following Chase Bank account checking commands.

Commands to check your Chase Account

  • Type “BAL” to know the balances, as soon as you send a SMS you will get a immediate reply with the result.
  • You can further do some tweaks in the “Bal code” you can add nicknames or name  and type “BAL nickname”.
  • To see the history of transaction, you need to type a command called “hist  nickname”
  • To Check payments and dues you need to type  “due nickname”
  • If you type ” Help” in the SMS you will get the entire help section.
  • If you type “stop” you are ready to unsubscribe for the service.

The only eligibility to activate this service is that you must have an business checking or a savings account.

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