Pixel definition

What is a Pixel?


A pixel is a square which is very small in a computer. You can view pixel as a dot in a computer, actually a collection of pixels comprises of one big image. If you take a picture more pixels means more clarity of the image why because each portion of the pixels fragmented into each dots makes more clarity.

A collection of one million pixels comprises one mega pixels, and it is mostly used on digital cameras, in short it refers to the clarity of a picture. Due to high advertising on all types of media people are now aware of what is a Mega pixel. Actually, the manufacturers of a digital camera have created a race among mega pixels. Because of the people aware of the clarity, digital camera camera manufactures who are selling high Mega pixels are mostly top in selling their digital camera products.

How to choose Pixel compatibility

You have to consider a lot of things while buying a camera with mega pixels. The prime most things you have to consider are, usability of the device.

For example ( If you are a professional photographer you should buy a camera with more mega pixels for good clarity. Why because it helps in getting high quality prints in magazines, etc. If your requirement is to view it in your PC, may be printing a 4*6 print photo then two mega pixel camera  is more than enough. Actually, two mega pixel photo will have 300 dpi and, which is sufficient for a high clarity print.

Practical consideration -Price and budget

If you are going to buy a digital camera, practically cost must be taken into account. Manufacturers of a digital camera are placing more emphasis on Mega pixels due to that if you want high mega pixels the cost of the camera will be more expensive according to Mega pixels. To conclude when buying a camera, remember not only the mega pixels affect the clarity and there
are also other factors, it is always best to believe in the brand and track record.

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