Conduct conference calls, types of conference calls

How To Conduct a Conference Call

  • Start on time – A carefully prepared agenda may include a Participant list and start time for the conference
  • Identify Participants – Ask Participants to identify themselves and/or their location when speaking. Address individuals by name when asking questions.
  • Be interactive in the conference – More opportunities for voice interaction will add to the group’s satisfaction.
  • Be in charge of the conference – The more direction the meeting has, the more efficient the conference call will be. You will have fewer interruptions and more attention will be given to the business at hand
  • Follow agenda – Sticking to a prepared agenda will help ensure an efficient and productive conference call.
  • Types of Conference Calls

    There are many different kinds of call services such as Dial-out conference calls are conducted by an operator or conference host. With these calls, the main burden of assembling the parties is located on the host, or on the host’s conference call service provider. Dial-in or Meet-me calls lets users to call a chosen number at a determined time. These calls frequently use a toll-free number supplied by the host. A less expensive Dialing option make use of toll numbers, wherein each caller pays for their own phone call and the host pays a lower conferencing charge. On-demand or Reservationless conference calls offers business with a stable number that allows them to place their own conference calls on the fly with little or no lead time. Some of the many optional features that are existing include audio recordings, playbacks and written transcripts of calls, polling, sub-conference rooms, foreign language translations etc.

    Choosing A Conference Call Provider

    When it comes to selecting a conference call service provider , your selections are huge. Not only does practically every long-distance carrier offer conference call service, legions of stand-alone providers offer comparable services, usually at a discount. Though most providers offer similar services and features, pricing is very competitive and can differ dramatically among providers . Further, pricing for conference call services seems to be rather liquid. Many carriers offer an initial discount, some even offer discount to customers who say they found their services on that particular search engines. Many providers put forward their services at lower monthly fee and needs no long-term obligations, which means customers can seek different providers and shop around for the best prices and services for their exact purposes. So

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    to get the best deal, shop around by asking a number of conference call service providers in the market. Author: ©2006-2009 Ebooker

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