What is Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a technique which helps people to solve a problem creatively. Alex Faickney Osborn was the first person to introduce this technique in 1953 in a popular book called Applied Imagination, which motivates people to expose their ideas for the best solution. Many problems such as productivity of an employee, social loafing, production blocking, distraction, etc. can be effectively eliminated by brainstorming.

Example of how to do brainstorming?

Brainstorming session will be very effective when it is done in groups. Select a topic to do Brainstorming. Let say, for example, Project A consist of x y and z activities to be completed within a time period. Take a paper and pen and write down all the ideas that you can possibly do the work with high quality and in quick time. All the people in the group must write down their own ideas and submit to the facilitator. Facilitator is a person who heads up the brainstorming session. Finally take all the practical ideas and implement it, this is the way to do brainstorming.

How Brainstorming helps to increase the Productivity of the company.

Important factor which determines the growth of any company  relies on employee’s productivity. High levels of  employee’s productivity can result in more profit and growth of the company. The growth of a company is in the productivity of the employee morale.  If the productivity increases then the growth comes to the company in several ways such as in the form of more funds, more clients and companies can get quality employee’s result in the increase of Goodwill and increase in the number of clients to the company.

Maximum productivity should be done by the worker so that today’s global workplace can be re designated by him. Productivity should be done in an immense manner for the welfare of the company.

How  low Productivity affects the company?

More payment has caused the labors to produce less productivity. Another one, the main cause is that employee managing their time wisely. Flexible working hours has made many workers to waste their time leisurely. Unfortunately, a negative morale when it is induced among employees can create poor outcome for the company.

How Brainstorming helps the workers for company’s benefit?

Brainstorming can effectively solve all kinds of problems and make the workers act as a better tool to the company. Traditional brainstorming is more energetic and helps the employees to redefine the productivity and to share, build and renovate new ideas. Brainstorming sessions among the employees can volley them to co-operate and map their effective ideas.

Overall, Brainstorming helps a great deal in improving the productivity and blows up each employee’s mind creativity which results in quick company’s growth, all the companies must employ Brainstorming session for employees frequently in order to get the best out of each employee.


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