Home buyer’s Report Benefits

Two types of reports are available for a person who wants to buy a property Home buyer’s report and Full Building survey report. Buyer who wants to buy a property has got some benefits on both surveyor reports.

Benefits of a Home buyer’s Report

  • Help you to take a clear decision on whether to buy a property or not
  • Finding out some important structural problems, which you will not know while purchasing a property this report gives you a correct guideline of whether there is going to be any future problems on this property.
  • You will buy the property at a right price.

Another type of survey report available is the full building survey let us go little bit further in detail about the full building survey.

Full building Survey Report

Compared to Homebuyer’s report this is a little bit expensive, but for purchasing a big area for a commercial purpose this type of survey is very essential. This will analyze the property end to end even the properties that are used to construct a building can be found on this type of survey.

Objectives of full building survey

  • In depth analysis of the building in and out. Including tests like whether the wall is damp check, whether the timbers are in good condition without any worms or rot, conditions of drainage, roofing, insulation etc.
  • Usage of the substances, materials used while constructing the building
  • Suggestions and predictions about the renovation cost involved to correct the structural problems if any.

Ultimately, this report aims in providing the buyer with a complete report on the building covering all aspects of the building enable the buyer to buy a property at the right price, know about all the future expenses if the buyer decides to rebuild it, know about every single inch of the building.

Before purchasing a property make sure you go to a surveyor and get any one of these reports which will be handy in deciding what to buy and what not to buy.

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