How to select a Babysitter?

What are the questions you need to ask a Babysitter

For the mother and father who have busy schedules need a baby sitter. Baby sitter is a individual it may be a male or female who cares the baby , to make them eat, play and take care of the baby completely. Babysitter will be paid by the parents and the cost of babysitter will vary according to the state or country.
How to find a Baby sitter?

One best way is  to get reference of  your family friends, neighbors or relatives , some may be lucky to get a well known baby sitter who is taking care of your neighbor’s, friends or relative baby , appointing through reference is the best way because you will know about the baby sitter pretty much before appointing her.

What parents should know about a Baby sitter?

Although Babysitters are plenty on each area, it is necessary to take precautions before you give the responsibility of taking care of your invaluable asset i.e., your baby. These are the basic information that you need to ask a Babysitter before you appoint to take care of your baby these are the Basic information you need to collect from a baby sitter.

  • Ask and collect info about the Name,age,address,location and contact numbers.
  • Ask for references about any other family she/he have taken care of a baby.
  • Tell a real case scenario of what had happenned with your baby in the past and ask question of how she/he would handle the problem.
  • Explain one or two bad behavior of your child and ask will you correct that particular behaviour.
  • Ask whether you know about house rules.
  • Ask questions of how will you  handle the  emergency situations.
  • Ask what do you do in your free time, just find out the lifestyle of the babysitter to ensure that your baby will be taken care properly.

These are basic questions you can ask a baby sitter, you can even ask more it depends upon the salary that you are offering for your baby, sometimes
too much questions will frustrate the baby sitter for accepting your job.

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