What Junk foods can do to humans?

Junk food is a food that is unhealthy & when taken at regular intervals may affect the health of consumer. Nutritional values of these foods are greatly limited (empty calories). 70% of People prefer junk foods because of its cheap cost, good taste & fast preparation. Common junk foods seen are chips, Pani Puri, noodles, candy, soft drinks, cakes, etc. The way how junk foods are cooked is with reused oil, which can affect people adversely.

Harmful Effects of Junk Food

  1. Lack of energy: Junk food contains fats & cholesterol, which reduces the level of nutrition so that he will feel weakened.
  2. Decreased Concentration: Due to these high oil-contained foods, a person finds difficult to digest & a major portion of blood will get passed to the stomach leading to drowsiness & fatigue.
  3. Obesity: Obesity is caused due to high oil content, which may tend to increase a person’s weight.
  4. Heart Diseases: Junk food consumption leads to a heart failure called as “myocardial infarction”. Blood pumping from down stream to up stream of heart doesn’t occur.
  5. Liver Failure: Liver failure is due high cholesterol content.
  6. Diabetes: Junk food damage the pancreas leading to insulin-dependent mellitus (IDDM)

How to avoid junk foods?

  1. Prefer eating healthy foods, which contain all required nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. for proper maintenance of health & balanced diet.
  2. Take away all the junkies at home.
  3. Reduce consuming junk food everyday instead  enjoy it once a week
  4. Keep away children & teens from junk foods as they mostly attracts towards it.
  5. Healthy foods must be on hand during every meal due to which people will naturally prefer to avoid junk foods.
  6. Junk food stalls in schools, colleges should be discouraged.
  7. Highlight the effects of junk foods in small boards which may help us to resist our attraction towards junkies.
  8. Avoid eating junk foods in front of television to keep away from over eating.
  9. Regular exercises for a healthy living & healthy body.

Prefer nutritious foods…………say no to junk food

Note:This article is for informational purposes only.


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