Latest trends in Architecture

Architecture is a general word which describes about a building and also refers to the art of designing. Science and creative art are combined together in constructing a building which makes humans to feel and use convenient.

Pre visualization:

The development of designing computer applications has made the pre visualization of buildings to be constructed extremely effortless. Designers create completed image of building to be constructed using software which includes plan, elevations, 3D models, interior and exterior rendering images, walkthrough and videos, color appearances, lightings furniture designs and even furniture placement.

Architectural professionals use software like AutoCAD, 3d studio, Maya, 3d architect, Photoshop, sketch up, etc.

Green architecture:

Green architecture is a trendy approach for everyone. This not only provides eco environment but also a grand look which attracts eyes of every people. There are green designing teams who are certified and involve in green architecture projects. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the leading authority on eco-friendly green buildings and designs which is dominated by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The green construction includes

  • Solar (photovoltaic) roof panels.
  • Radiant floor heating, geothermal heating and cooling using heat pumps.
  • VOC (Volatile organic compounds) paints in green constriction as they no emit gas or chemicals and many other eco products.
  • Using recycled objects for construction and fabric works, using grey water for cleaning or washing purpose.

Role of glass in advancement:

Glass provides an immense finish of both interior and exterior of any construction. They have an important advantage of reducing artificial lighting cost. Their transparent nature provides a good lighting design. A building’s portico, windows, doors, roof lightings, false ceilings are most designed with glasses. Glass is eco friendly and available for cheaper cost. Glass is recyclable and does not ignore the creativity of a designer, as they can be manufactured in any shape and size.

Green architecture alone does not mean the new trends in architecture. Every design of building or house is designed with a concept or theme. These concepts and themes are maintained through the building design for better look. Changing trend is in the hands of a creative designer.


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