Alpine IDA-X305S Car Stereo

The new Alpine IDA-X305S car stereo system is a head unit that has controls exactly like an iPod. Menus are navigable just like an iPod and searching options are also similar. The latest generation iPhones and iPods can be directly connected with IDA-X305S via USB port which provides faster data transfer, quick access of iPod and responds to the commands quickly with superior iPod sounds. This does not need any analogue interface cable or any other adapter box. This stereo unit does not, write my research paper,, blackberry spy phone software free download, do my homework for money, cell phone spy, iphone spy app, spy on phone app free

have CD drive mechanism.

Technical specifications of Alpine IDA-X305S:

  • IDA-X305S provides a bright 2.2” TFT (Thin-Film Transistors) high resolution screen with crisp and clear text. This TFT screens are generally found in most LCD laptops which makes users to read text easier and reliable.
  • It has customized background and iPod menu with 320×240 pixels.
  • Its new screen graphics and 3 viewing modes make IDA-X305S to feel better.
  • Display provides album artwork, clock and music search by Song, Playlist, Composer, Album, Artist, Genre, Audio book.
  • IDA-X305S uses 24-bit Burr Brown DAC and has inbuilt 4 amplifier x 50 watt max with 3 PreOuts of 2v, Remote On signal, Power antenna, Double-action encoder, USB ports for iPod and iPhone, Ai-NET connection, CD charger control.
  • This requires Alpine KCE-400BT device for Bluetooth connection.
  • iPod 4G – 5G, iPod nano 1G – 3G, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPhone are those that can be linked directly to IDA-X305S.
  • This is a drive less design with dual illumination (B/R).
  • This provides fully digital audio and audio playback of MP3, WMA, and AAC.
  • This Alpine stereo unit is IMPRINT ready which means sound upgrade to provide better quality of sound according to the interior of the vehicle. This provides sound alignments and a computer processor is heart of IMPRINT. It is pre-installed in IDA-X305S.
  • This also provides treble center frequency connection, bass center frequency connection and subwoofer level control.
  • The price of Alpine IDA-X305S is about £255.31

Alpine IDA-X305S is a new generation stereo system for connecting latest iPhone and iPod. This provides a better experience of music in vehicle. Therefore this head unit is a better choice for iPod, iPhone lovers in their car.

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