Bluetooth Pc Dialer 2.0 advantages and features

Introduction about Bluetooth PC Dialer

Bluetooth PC Dialer 2.0 software is used to make a call from PC to any other phone number. Bluetooth PC dialer has been developed helping people to call any number through a pc, just imagine if you forget to store numbers or your mobile memory is limited, through PC dialer you can store N no of phone numbers and when you dial it can easily identify the phone call location. You can also make a call from PC dialer software and from the MS Outlook in  your PC.

Features and Advantages of Bluetooth PC dialer.

You can make infinite number calls from Bluetooth PC dialer software. You can make a call from Outlook using the email address where the contact number is stored in the related email id. You can also make an infinite number of calls from Outlook express.

Bluetooth PC dialer can make a fast call and it has the same call function which is used in the mobile phone, To use this software you need to have a mobile phone which has Bluetooth option and Bluetooth PC solution. PC dialer takes direct contact from the mobile so no need of setting a Bluetooth com ports.

Bluetooth PC dialer gives full call control through the PC. When you are calling to any user when the call get hanged or terminated by the user it will be replicated in PC dialer software. Bluetooth or Bluetooth enabled headset helps you to carry the Bluetooth PC dialer, I mean its very easy to take when you are going out, you can keep the mobile in your pocket and then make a call with the use of Bluetooth PC dialer. This software functionality has been used in every call center.


This Bluetooth pc dialer is a wonderful piece of software where it helps the user a lot in making as many calls as they like even through outlook express. Bluetooth PC dialer is a great asset for Travelers.

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