Management Functions – About Organizing


The term organization relates to organizing the set of activities to achieve the management goals. It is the main function of the management to evaluate the various organizational activities. It impacts various levels of the business operations.

  • Firstly it addresses the methods, of which people will cooperate with the organization.
  • Secondly preparing the organizational structure, to know who will report to whom, it involves separation of duty, authority and tasks of the employees inside the
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  • Thirdly arranging for the organizational chart to set various levels of the management like top level, middle level and bottom level.

Financial planning and budgeting is also considered as a general subject matter of the organization function , learning the functions of organization is the non-stop and continuous process, in which an organization must be flexible with the environment of the company and by frequently improving the performance of the employees. In other hand it’s an activity of capturing, transferring and mobilizing the knowledge of

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all members of the organization.

Organizational structure is important part of the organization. It involves achieving an organizational goal by motivating the employees. The organizational structure may include.

  • Performance
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Interdepartmental relationships

Organization will standardize the productivity of the goods and services by improvising the above list terms.

Management should sort out all the resources to execute the course of action within the organization to achieve internal and external goals of the company.

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