About Brain tumor symptoms

Brain Tumors Symptoms

Various factor can cause Brain tumor and the symptoms can be found depends upon the size and where it is located on the brain and how fast it grows.A Tumor can create a huge damage when it grows and press the nerves. These are

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some of the main list of symptoms

  • Headaches are the basic symptom but dont worry not all headaches are Brain tumors
  • Headaches gradually becomes more and more vulnerable and the person cannot tolerate it.
  • Sometimes the patient might have some problems in vision when it presses the tissue,like double imaged or blurred.
  • Facing some problems in speech
  • Always not in steady state
  • Drastic change in personality or behavior pattern
  • Soon or later patient will have hearing problems
  • Vommiting sensation will occur often

Brain tumors are hard tumors that are most commonly found in the children. Brain tumors spoils the vital neurological pathways, attack and squeeze the tissues of the brain. These Brain tumors are classified in two types Primary brain tumor and Secondary brain tumor. Primary brain Tumors: Primary basically develops in the tissues of brain and spread through central nervous system that results in growth of tumors with the limited space of the skull. These tumors are classified according to the type of cells or region of the brain in which it commence. Primary brain tumors can be cancerous or noncancerous. Secondary brain tumors: Secondary brain tumors mainly form through malignant tumors that are situated in various parts of the body. These cancers when spreads from one part of the body to another originates some unusual cells that are equally match but different from primary tumors, these tumors swells into the brain from different part of the body that makes Physicians call it as Secondary brain tumors or metastatic tumor. (Secondary tumors are more common then Primary Tumors).

Both primary tumors and secondary tumors occupy most of the space in the brain, which results brutal and life threatening symptoms due to their aggressive and invasive nature.

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Symptoms of Brain Tumors

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