History of Television


Television experiments are started in Early 20’s of 19th century in United states of America. These experiments are conducted with the help of mechanical scanning disc that does not come out well. In the year 1923, however, came the invention of the Conoscope, the electric television tube. The inventions of the Kinescope or picture tube, the electronic camera and TV home receivers came in the next few years and by the 1930s NBC had set up its TV station in New York, and BBC a TV station in London, offering regular telecast programs.

The world war put a brake on further development in television. But by the late 1940s and early 1950s television had become a feature of life in most developed countries. In 1948, for instance, there were as many as 41 TV stations in the United states covering 23 cities through receiving sets, which numbered half a million. Within a decade, the figure jumped to 53 stations and 55 million receivers. Canada, Japan and the European countries did not lag far behind.

Objectives of Television

a)      According to the ministry of information and broadcasting the following are the objectives of public televisions.

b)      To act as a catalyst for social change

c)      To promote national integration

d)      To stimulate greater agricultural production by providing essential information and knowledge

e)      To promote and help preservation of environmental and ecological balance

f)        To highlight the need for social welfare measures including welfare of women, children and the privileged

g)      To promote interest in games and sports

h)      To stimulate appreciation of our artistic and cultural heritage.


SITE (Satellite Instructional Television Experiment)

In 1969 the department of atomic energy entered into an agreement with the national aeronautic and space administration (NASA) of the United States for the loan of the satellite free of cost for one full year starting from August 1975. It was the first experiment ever to relay educational television programs direct (not for relay stations) from a satellite to receivers.

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