What is Logistics Management?

Logistics Management or Supply Chain Management is the process of Production Planning, Customer services, Scheduling, Assembly, Procurement, Packaging and Sourcing. Logistics Management includes some activities like Fleet Management, Transport Management, Goods Management, Handling of materials, Ware housing. Network designs, Order satisfaction, Third party logistics management and Planning of demand and supply. It integrates other important functions like Sales, Marketing, Information Technology and Finance. This management is a part of Planning and Execution Difference between Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain Management does not really have much difference when compared to logistics management. Supply chain management is a process that deals with Material management, financial flows and information in a network which consists of distributors, customers, manufactures and suppliers.

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So by the process of Supply chain management, it is clear that the Logistic management and Supply Chain Management are equal terms. Functions of Logistics Management: The functions of logistics management are Inventory control, transportation, Customer service, Warehousing, Procurement, Purchasing, Network design, Order processing and Material handling. Logistics Management Software: For Logistics Automation features, new software is used. This software helps to automate the work and system management. There is only few logistics management software available in the market because it requires more practice on the software. However, there are different solutions for the software that are currently used in Logistics Departments. Logistics department consists of some other departments such as Container department, Conventional department, Marine department, warehouse and so on. Some of the key software used in the above mentioned departments is:

  • CTMS Software is used in Container department.
  • WMS Software and WCS Software are used in Warehouse.
  • CTMS Software and CVT Software are used in Conventional department.

Logistics Management plays a vital role in the success of an industry. Nowadays, some of the industries are using Logistics Management Software for fast processes in works by automation. This software certainly increases the sales, marketing and as well as business profits.

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