Electronic Business (eBusiness)

What is Electronic Business?

Electronic Business is generally known as eBusiness or Internet Business. It is defined as ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) application with support to all business activities. The methods of electronic business allow the organizations to connect their external and internal Data Processing System very flexibly and efficiently, to fulfill the customer expectations, and to work with partners very closely. With more practice, eBusiness is very similar to eCommerce.

eBusiness involves on business processes such as Supply Chain Management, Electronic Purchasing, Electronically Ordering the Processes, Co-operate with Business partners, and Handling better customer service. The data exchange between organizations is made very easy with eBusiness technical standards. The software solutions offered by eBusiness allows the combination of inter and intra compact business process. eBusiness is managed through Internet, Web, Intranets, and Extranets.

Categories of eBusiness applications:

The applications of eBusiness are distinguished into three different categories, namely:

  • Enterprise Communication & Collaboration: This category includes Content Management Systems, E-mail, VoIP technology, Web Conference, Business Process Management, and Voice Mail.
  • Internal Business Systems: This system carries Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, and Document Management Systems.
  • Electronic Commerce – B2B (Business to Business eCommerce) or B2C (Business to Business eCommerce): It includes Supply Chain Management, Internet Shop, Offline Marketing, and Online Marketing.

Important Security Concerns:

Some of the important security concerns that are within eBusiness are:

  • Confidential,
  • Privacy,
  • Data Integrity,
  • Access Control, and
  • Reliability.

Advantages of eBusiness:

  • Promotions & Marketing are cost effective,
  • Online business so that business are done worldwide,
  • Excellent customer service, and
  • Competitive strategy is developed.

Disadvantages of eBusiness:

  • The optimization solutions of eBusiness are expensive, and
  • Sectoral limits.


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