3g Technology

What is 3G technology?

3G technology is normally used in mobile phones. Previously we use mobile phone which has the capacity to transfer voice and data to a limited bandwidth but now 3G technologies uses high data transmission methods enabling even video data transmission easily possible through mobile. 3G enabled mobile phones launched initially in Japan in the year 2001.

3G enables higher data rate transmission which uses higher end hardware which exceeds the previous 2.5G Technology. 3G technology is widely used in European countries and this 3G technology has started picking up in Asian countries like India, Pakistan and China.
3G helps us not only to communicate and due to higher end data transmission, you can browse internet, ???????? ?????? see caller face to face and communicate , giving us great comfort and using this 3G technology  will be an enjoyable experience.

Advantages of 3G technology

There are lots of cellular companies competing with each other day to day mobile phone features are increasing and some of the features are mind blowing. 3G is one, which is going to used widely among people all over the world. Now let us see the advantages of 3G technology. Some of the advantages of using 3G technology are:

  • Higher bit rate , Higher data transmission up to 2MBPS.
  • Efficient use of radio frequency helps faster access to communication
  • Can effectively use internet through 3G, faster access to internet help users to quickly download music, files, transfer any files of any size.
  • Video talk: This is the highlight feature of 3g technology, 3g enabled mobile phones help users to see face to face and  talk through mobile.
  • 3G Wireless network help people well in business in providing video conferencing.

There is a window of opportunity for new applications to emerge on 3G enabled mobiles enabling in the increase of user experience and it is really a great technology where people will really realize the benefits of 3G enabled mobiles.

Using 3G enabled mobiles has lot more advantages as more and more users use this technology.

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